Monday, March 12, 2012

Bruins' Account Executives in Mid-Season Form

By Zach Baru

Just because the Boston Bruins are sold out of season tickets does not by any means give the account executives reason to slack off.  That could not be further from the truth.  They are hard at work, making sure passionate Bruins season ticket holders and plan holders are taken care of 365 days a year.

With interest in the Bruins at the highest level in decades, the Bruins are making sure they do everything to keep their fans happy.  Package holders are given the personal touch they deserve, and more specifically, the attention the money they spend deserves.

As the season winds down, time approaches for a new season of renewals.  And soon after that, a window of opportunity for new plan holders.  Season tickets have been capped yet again this season, and providing first-class service is key to the Bruins to retain sales, and fans alike.

A small example of the personal touch executed by the Bruins this season came during the holidays.  Bruins holiday cards were sent out to plan holders, with a personal note from their account executive.  Is this going to make a plan holder renew every season for the rest of their life?  No, but it certainly plants the seed for the bond the Bruins are trying to create between the team and the fans.

These days it may be hard to find organizations that operate with principles like this, but it almost always are the successful ones that understand the concept.  We are fortunate enough to have a few of those right here in Boston.  And the Bruins are no exception, focusing on personal connections that translate into passionate fans.

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